In working with Trade Associations, our primary responsibility is to manage the overall business of the Show, thereby protecting and increasing the value of your asset. We accomplish this by continuing to maximize the revenues, minimize the expenses and manage the Show that all participants have looked forward to every year. 

Maximizing Revenues

Whenever we begin in a new venture, we always spend time talking with both the buyers and sellers in the market that the show serves. Having a basic understanding on how the business is conducted and any nuances that the region presents will be important in the successful production of your show.

The basic principle of producing a successful trade show is simple, “show value to your buyers and sellers.” This starts with excellent attendee programs and a strong promotional campaign. In order to encourage the right buyers, to attend any show we will attract them with educational programs, roundtable discussions, keynote speakers, new products and real buying opportunities. While we may not be responsible for some of these components, we will be actively involved in all of the planning aspects. This is ultimately important to us because, at the end of the day, it is the audience that we are selling; booths, ads and sponsorships are just a means for these sellers to impact this audience. The stronger the audience, the more sellers will want to participate, and many with a larger presence.

Minimizing Expenses

All contracted services are put out to bid in order to insure that a true savings will be realized without sacrificing any quality.  Vendors who will be invited to bid on the show will be previous contractors, contractors that we are familiar with and contractors that are recommended by the venue where the event is held. We encourage that all proposals be reviewed by the sponsoring organization to insure impartiality.  Final selection of vendors and contractors will be determined by weighing three factors; comfort level that the work and supervision required can be accomplished by that vendor, quality of the work required will best represent the Association and, of course, price.  We require that all show management and exhibitor fees be based on a non-commissionable rate to aid in reducing exhibitor’s expenses. 



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