Robert Yoffe has nearly twenty-five years of experience as a manager and director of public and trade expositions. He was employed with the Reed Exhibition Companies for more than nine years and prior to leaving in June of 1994, he had achieved the position of Industry Vice President. Mr. Yoffe’s overall responsibilities at that time included the coordination of all of the sales, marketing, promotions, operations and management functions for all of the Restaurant, Foodservice and Hospitality trade shows produced by Reed in the United States. He also had extensive experience with Reed’s public Auto Shows and Home Shows. All of these events were Trade Association sponsored events. 

During Bob’s time with Reed, he was responsible for creating and managing two new events, The New York Restaurant & Foodservice Show and The Greater Sacramento International Auto Show; both these Association sponsored shows remain very profitable and continue to grow.  In fact, The New York Restaurant & Foodservice Show still ranks as Reed Exposition Companies’ most successful new launch project.  Bob was also the Show Manager of the San Diego International Auto Show when it moved from the San Diego Performing Arts Center to the new San Diego Convention Center.  In the first year in the new facility, we completely sold out the exhibit hall and sold exhibit space in the lobby, a 300% increase in net square footage from the previous facility.

Since creating Yoffe Exposition Services in June 1994, our concept has been to assist Associations by professionally managing their shows while leaving the ultimate control over the event with the Association.  This philosophy is best exemplified by our current working relationship with the Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association on The Washington Auto Show and the Rhode Island Builders Association on The Home Show at the Rhode Island Convention Center.  Also, as an independent show producer, I developed the Mid-Atlantic Automotive Trade Expo with the Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association, a trade show for automobile dealers and service retailers, and sold nearly 200 booths in this first-ever trade show.




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